The Lucky Butterfly

What does it mean when a butterfly lands on you? Is it a message from the spiritual world? Or is it, as many think, a sign of good luck?

It had been another frustrating day. I looked forward to the weekend, even if it was a full 4 days away. As I took the walk that fateful evening, I wasn’t sure what I needed.

The sun, retreating into the embrace of the clouds, left a golden glimmer, a reminder of what had been. It felt like a story I could relate to. A prominent presence now looked upon with a rueful smile.

I was fully aware of the wind in my face, but too tired to think about it. And then I saw it… It was white and purple and blue. It was royal, but it was one of us. I couldn’t look away. Smiling, I drank it all in. It was my peace on a tired day fluttering its wings cheerfully, daring me to dream. A butterfly!

I honestly can’t remember when I last saw something so glorious, or when last I stopped to appreciate mother nature. But I didn’t need to. That week, the news of my promotion came through. In a surprising turn of events, my biggest challenger, who was all but sure of his place, was overlooked by top management.

The story of the butterfly – it’s a story of luck, success and everything that makes for fulfillment!


Lucky #7

What is the Meaning and Symbolism of the Number 7?

In numerology, there are only a few numbers that truly symbolize perfection. The number 7 is one of those figures. It is more prevalent in nature than most of us can imagine. Seven represents perfection, happiness, wholeness, completeness, the highest symmetry, comprehensiveness. 

The rainbow has seven colors; there are seven vertebrae in the neck; the skin has seven layers; a cube has seven dimensions; the male body has seven parts; sound has seven notes; we have seven days a week; there are seven continents and seven oceans.

Without a doubt, the number seven is ultra-powerful. Some numerologists even believe it holds so much power that it represents a “door” to the universe. This hardly comes as a surprise as the number seven plays a cosmic role in literally all cultures in world history. Dating back to the Egyptian hieroglyphics where the number appeared more than any number, seven has always represented a good sign. When a baby is born in Iran, even today, seven different aromatic seeds and seven different fruits are placed on a mat, and the baby is typically named on the seventh day.

The Number 7: Secret Meaning and Symbolism

People born under number seven are considered to possess incredible wisdom, confidence, and analytical skills. They constantly seek answers to philosophical questions and are really good at keeping secrets. Their continued quest for answers makes them perfect fit for jobs that require research work; sevens make great analysts, geologists, detectives, astronomers and are skillful with modern technology.

Is Seven a Lucky Number?

Well, the seven gods in Japan bring happiness. According to Hindu philosophy, one can reach the multiverse through seven. So, if you see a string of sevens, you are considered incredibly lucky – this luck brings forth blessings, happiness, and even material fortune.



Before you can get lucky, you need to set goals