The Lucky Butterfly

What does it mean when a butterfly lands on you? Is it a message from the spiritual world? Or is it, as many think, a sign of good luck?

It had been another frustrating day. I looked forward to the weekend, even if it was a full 4 days away. As I took the walk that fateful evening, I wasn’t sure what I needed.

The sun, retreating into the embrace of the clouds, left a golden glimmer, a reminder of what had been. It felt like a story I could relate to. A prominent presence now looked upon with a rueful smile.

I was fully aware of the wind in my face, but too tired to think about it. And then I saw it… It was white and purple and blue. It was royal, but it was one of us. I couldn’t look away. Smiling, I drank it all in. It was my peace on a tired day fluttering its wings cheerfully, daring me to dream. A butterfly!

I honestly can’t remember when I last saw something so glorious, or when last I stopped to appreciate mother nature. But I didn’t need to. That week, the news of my promotion came through. In a surprising turn of events, my biggest challenger, who was all but sure of his place, was overlooked by top management.

The story of the butterfly – it’s a story of luck, success and everything that makes for fulfillment!