The Lucky World of Fireflies

The Firefly – A Dream Symbolism

The firefly has a bland, uninspiring appearance in daylight. In fact, you may not recognize them during the day. But it is a different ball game altogether when it is nighttime. As darkness falls, the insect turns into a beautiful illuminator, bringing glow and magic to a summer night. It is so delightful in the dark and a joy to watch – a stark contrast to its rather unassuming appeal in daylight. But the firefly is more than just a pretty light at night.

The Firefly Symbol

First, the firefly insect teaches us that physical appearance is a ruse; it is what is on the inside that really matters. Fireflies also use their environment effectively, using only the minimum energy they require – a reminder that we should only use what we need rather than doing things excessively. More than this, however, the firefly symbolizes good luck.

If you encounter a firefly in your life, get ready for a spice of magic. If things feel a bit obscure for you, coming across a firefly will give you some form of accomplishment. A firefly entering your life means you have laid the foundation necessary to move forward. This encounter is similar to pulling the Star card from a Tarot perspective.

As your path “lights up” with the firefly insect as guide, you would experience a whole new world of possibilities and positivity. If you, at any point in time, feel very ordinary and plain, firefly disagrees. You are not only a star in the making, but you’ve got fire in your soul. Focusing on your positive attributes will help you fulfill your hopes and dreams.

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